Women’s Libido herbs

Women libido has only recently become a topic that society has felt comfortable discussing. The fact is that most women at some time if their lives will experience low libido. This is very natural when it happens because of normal hormonal fluctuations that occur with age, menstruation cycles, and pregnancy. There are many pill and many treatment for libido, the herbs also a good medical for use.

Herbs That Increase Women’s Libido
By Angie Hairston

Women can experience a decrease in libido for a variety of reasons, many of which can be linked to changes in their body as they age. While in most cases, this decrease in sex drive is perfectly natural, it can leave a woman feeling unsatisfied and helpless to satisfy her partner. While men have pills like Viagra or Cialis to fall back on, women are often left floundering for a solution to a decrease in libido.

Women’s Libido herbs

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It is true that there is no magic blue pill for women, but certain herbs have been proven to have a very positive effect on increasing a woman’s libido. Taken in the correct combination, these herbs can have the same or stronger effect on a woman’s libido as the above mentioned pills for men.

Damiana extract (Turnera Aphrodisiaca) is a mild euphoric herb that helps to relax the body and the mind. This effect is seen to reduce stress and make it possible for a woman to get in the mood to have sex. It has also been shown to help balance female hormones.

Avena Sativa is another herb to help a woman relax. It also increases the sensitivity of the vaginal region to touch sensations.

Women’s Libido herbs

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Ginkgo Biloba increases metabolism and blood flow. It has been linked to the formation of nitric oxide in the blood which acts as a vasodilator to increase the flow of blood in the more peripheral regions, including the vagina. It also helps to control the levels of certain neurotransmitters to improve mood and relieve stress.

Shatavri extract helps to moisten tissues that are drying out including those of the vagina. It also increases the production of testosterone in the female body, which has been shown to have a definite link to female libido.

Dong Quai has been called the ultimate for improving female libido. It has several different effects on the female body from improving blood flow to balancing estrogen levels and reducing hot flashes. It also helps to remoisten normally moist tissues such as the vagina.

While no one of these herbs alone is the ultimate herb for increasing a woman’s libido, taken in the correct combination, these herbs can help to put the sizzle back into making love.

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