What Are the Advantages of Bottle Feeding?

This feeding bottle is essential that you will need regardless of whether your baby is breastfeeding or receiving the mixture. In the second case it is clear – this is the number one thing in your everyday life. And in the case of breastfeeding, a bottle may be needed when the mother needs to go away on business and feed the baby with expressed milk, or there are problems with lactation and the baby needs supplementary feeding.

Your task is to choose a high-quality and safe product for the newborn. Today in the market of children’s goods a huge number of bottles for newborns and children of the first year of life. There are a lot of nuances when choosing a bottle, but one of the most important criteria to consider when choosing the best bottle for breastfeeding babies is the presence of a physiological nipple.

Medela Calma with Smart Sucker, 150 ml

The Swiss company has been producing products for newborns and their mothers for many years, the main feature of which is the support and preservation of breastfeeding. Medela Calma feeding bottle with smart sucker is designed just for mothers who want to establish and maintain breastfeeding, but are forced to use the bottle for one reason or another. A special feature of the bottle is its nipple, a unique development of the company that reproduces the baby’s vacuum sucking and prevents the ingestion of air. At the same time, the nipples have one size for the entire period of feeding, as well as in vivo. This version of the bottle allows the baby to retain the skills obtained by sucking the mother’s breast, and easily move from the breast to the nipple and back when necessary. The disadvantages of this option include a rather high cost.

Bottle of Philips Avent Natural, 125 ml

The products of this company are very popular among mothers, despite its rather high cost. Many people give her preference for high quality and safety, ease of use for both mom and baby. One of the best bottles for newborns of this brand can considere Philips Avent Natural. The nipple with an innovative petal design, repeating the shape of the breast, makes it possible to incorporate breastfeeding and bottle feeding, if essential. Its design and shape are such that when sucking the baby makes the same movements and makes the same efforts as when breastfeeding.

Therefore, the risk of giving up breasts when using this bottle is minimal. At the same time, the nipple is quite soft and flexible, does not wrinkle, and is comfortable for the baby. There is an anti-colic mechanism that prevents the ingestion of air. Judging by the reviews of moms, Most of this option is very satisfied. The bottle has a large neck, it is convenient to wash, thanks to the ergonomic shape it is suitable to hold in your hand. Among the shortcomings, a washable measuring scale is noted after prolonged use.

What Are the Advantages of Bottle Feeding?

Pigeon bottle with SSS pacifier for premature and small babies, 100 ml

The products of this Japanese company have long been fond of Russian mothers. Pigeon bottles of high quality, depending on the needs and age of the baby, you can always choose the appropriate option. Pay attention to a bottle of Pigeon with an SSS pacifier for premature and small babies. Specially designed  for babies who are breastfeeding, it should not cause confusion in the baby’s nipples, which reduces the risk of breast failure when using the bottle.

The silicone from which it is made very soft and elastic, to premature babies, even with a weak sucking reflex, is convenient to eat from this bottle. Milk flows evenly and slowly. Of the shortcomings of the mother, they note that there is no cap in the kit, and there is also no way to buy this pacifier separately for a plastic bottle. This option contain glass, which does not suit everyone.

Munchkin Latch Feeding Bottle 120 ml

This is a new development by Munchkin, which is quite popular in the Russian market. Again, it’s all about the nipple. She repeats the shape of her mother’s breast as much as possible, the base of the nipple is flexible, resembles an accordion, it will be convenient for the child to suck in a rhythm close to natural, also thanks to this it is convenient to hold it at an angle. A large base of juices ensures its proper wide grip, as well as with breastfeeding. There is an anti-colic valve, it is located in the bottom of the bottle, and prevents air bubbles from entering the mixture. Many moms also like the sleek, sleek bottle design. Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting the rather high cost of the bottle. Also in the reviews, some mothers noted that sometimes the bottle leaks.

Bottle of Dr. Brown’s “Options” anti-colic, 120 ml

Many mothers who used a bottle of this American brand noted that the so-called anti-bells system really works in it. The bottle is equipped with a special ventilation system (technology patented by the company) and when sucking the baby does not swallow air, as happens during feeding with many other bottles. This means that the already difficult period for the baby is not complicated by colic. A nice bonus: the kit includes a small brush for cleaning the nipples and the ventilation system.

Among the shortcomings of the mother, Let’s note that the bottle is more difficult to wash due to the presence of additional elements. And if something breaks out of the ventilation device. Buying replacement items separately will not be easy.

What Are the Advantages of Bottle Feeding?

Bottle Chicco Natural Feeling silicone, with a tilt and flexors, 150 ml

The Italian brand, one of the oldest in the production of goods for children and their mothers. Many Russian mothers have long trusted the quality of products. Chicco’s feeding bottle line is getting lots of buyers, most of whom have positive reviews. In our ranking, pay attention to the Chicco Natural Feeling bottle. According to the manufacturer, the use of bottles of this series brings the feeding process closer to the natural one. The nipple imitates mom’s breast: she has a special velvety mum effect texture resembling a woman’s breast.

A special type of super soft silicone use for the nipple, which means it is more comfortable for the baby, and still durable. The structure allows you to make the right wide grip, so the bottle should be suitable for combination with breastfeeding. A double anti-colic valve reduces the likelihood of air entering during feeding and the risk of colic. Among the shortcomings: some mothers in their reviews note that the flow for the newborn can be stronger than necessary, and in this case it is better to use the bottle not from birth, but a little later.