Approaching A Woman: 14 Tips and Advice

1. Ask a Question – No matter where you are, you can always ask a woman her opinion. Standing in line at the deli and she’s ordering a Pastrami sandwich? Ask, “Have you had the Pastrami before?” If she has, then the next logical question is, “How is the Pastrami here?” This type of scenario gets the conversation going.

2. Smile – Put her at ease with a sincere trustworthy smile and NOT an insincere one. A form of silent communication, a smile can be one of the strongest expressions you can give to someone.

3. Be Positive – Being positive when approaching women allows you to start the conversation off right as well as find it if she’s got a positive attitude in return.

4. Steady – Being steady is being sure of yourself. Being steady is being reliable. Being steady is being unwavering in your beliefs. Being steady is being dependable.

5. Eye Contact – Look a woman in the eyes to make her know you are listening to her. Don’t be creepy though. Don’t make her move her head around to get or keep your attention.

6. Listen – When talking to women really listen to what they have to say. Don’t be afraid to leave a bit of silence to understand what they’re talking about, however too much silence can come off as if you deliberately think how you’re going to respond.

7. Nervous – Know that a lot of men have been nervous around women. Don’t let your nerves allow you to miss opportunities meeting and talking to women. Being nervous can show up as a shaky voice, twitchy eyes, random are and leg movements.

8. Not Too Close – Don’t move in too physically close when approaching women. This can be a complete turn off for most women and sends signals that you’re movin’ too fast and might be interested in one thing – sex.

9. Be Aware – Women get hit on a lot. Know that a lot of women hear the same thing from men so stay away from cliche pickup lines.

10. Join a Group – One of the easiest ways to meet women and easier to approach women is joining groups that everyone has the same interests in.

11. Humor – Everyone loves jokes and someone who’s naturally funny can make women laugh. It’s hard for everyone to be humorous but you can work at it enough to make it work for you while talking to a woman.

12. Confidence – Women love men who are confident. Men who are confident don’t NEED reassurance or their ego stroked constantly. Look into her eyes in a way that will make her feel confident and not afraid of you.

13. Spontaneous – All of the above might make you feel uptight or that everything has to be planned and perfect – NOT.

Do you want to go home every night and do the same thing all the time and the same thing on the weekends? DON’T!! Women love men who can be spontaneous and do something different for a change.

14. Conversation – Women love to talk and most men don’t, that’s why it can be hard to approach women and just start talking away. There are plenty of opportunities for you to practice.

Don’t feel like you have to impress a woman during conversation. Again if you’ve read this whole article it’s about her and showing that you are interested in her and what she has to say.

A great way to learn is watch couples who seem to be having successful conversations and are getting along. Watch how she reacts to the man.

Top Five Steps To Finding A Veterinarian

Finding a new veterinarian does not have to be a headache. It can be a process that can be broken down into five easy, and important, steps. Make sure that you add your own questions and discussion points to these steps so that you know you are getting the vet for you.

First, Check your location. Online search engines can be your first step into finding vets that are close to you. Proximity is important if you have a sick or injured vet. Car rides are not fun with pets that do not feel well.

Second, Research for reputation. While search engines are your first step, they can help with this step to. You can usually find a social media link for the vet on your favorite search engine or on the website. What you are looking for is not necessarily all good reviews. A bad review that was obviously handled well can help you decide the vets personality. There will be misunderstandings from time to time as long as they are handled correctly they are not a problem.

Third, what office hours do you need. You want to make sure that they have office hours that will fit with your schedule. Some offices have an after hours number that will always have someone on call. Others will offer late or weekend appointments for working pet parents. It is something that varies greatly with each office.

Fourth, the waiting room situation. This is probably one of the most important things directly related to the health and safety of your pet. You want to know if the waiting room will have contagious pets. You will also need to know if the vet requires leashes or crates. Not all vets will allow you to bring a vet on a leash. You need to know this before your first visit.

Last, check for payment plans. You want to know if the vet has a payment arrangement that you can set up ahead of time in case of emergencies. This is kind of like an insurance plan. It will allow you to have some cushion should your pet get sick or have an accident. It can mean that in an emergency your pet will be taken care of without taking a huge chunk out of your budget. Some things simply cannot be planned for and it is nice to have a little something to fall back on.

Any pet parent knows that your pet is more than just an animal. Your pet is family and a like a child to you. The best way to care for your pet is to make sure that you have a veterinarian ready to take care of them. It needs to be a vet that you and your pet are comfortable with. It is just one of many ways that you let your pet know that you love them.